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Toorpu Farms

Natu Kodi Poultry, Desi Cow Dairy and Fruit Orchard 


Free Range


Hormone Free


Humane Treatment


Welcome to our farm

We are a family owned farm located outside the city of Hyderabad. Our goal is to provide highest quality, all natural foods. We are an integrated farm, with Diary and Poultry in our Mango, Guava and Custard Apple orchards.

Natu Kodi, Aseel, Kadaknath Poultry


Kadaknath Chicken

We carry Pure Natu Kodi /Aseel / Bhimavaram Fighter and Kadaknath breeds from good sources

Living an outdoor lifestyle, our chickens have full access to sunshine and fresh air, bugs and critters they find in the pasture, and native plants and grasses that stretch across their home pasture. Their diet is varied and nutrient-dense. Chickens raised on pasture still require additional feed to supplement their natural foraging, so we source only the freshest and highest-quality feeds

Desi Cow Dairy

Desi Cows

Milk and Curd are integral part of Indian meals. We supply unadulterated healthy desi cow milk from our farm. 


Our cows lead an active lifestyle in the farm, grazing naturally and living happily, blessing us with highly nutritious and easy to digest A2 milk.

Mango, Guava, Custard Apple Orchard


We have well established Mango, Guava, Custard Apple layered orchard and we sell these fruits seasonally as they are available. Manure from our desi cows, chicken and Jeevamrutham is used back in the farm to grow fruit trees, vegetable plants, grains and pulses, forming a great ecologically sustainable cycle. 

Why Us?

All our livestock lead an active lifestyle in a free range, caring environment, resulting in healthy milk, eggs and chicks.

Want to Visit Our Farm?

Give us a call and we will set up a meeting.
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