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Aseel Chicks

Aseel / Natu Kodi Chicks - Hyderabad

The word ASEEL is often misused today with many people trying to sell cross breeds under this name.

We only supply great quality pure desi Aseel chicks / natu kodi chicks / Bhimavaram fighter breed chicks / jathi kodi chicks.  Our parent breeds have been hand picked from various locations with good pedigree. These birds are hardy, disease resistant and naturally known for their build.

We carry medium sized and large sized Aseel. Depending on your requirement we can supply either.

Why buy from us

  • All of our breeds are cage free 

  • Have free access to forage all day

  • Better resistance

  • We don't cram thousands of birds in small spaces

  • Birds exhibit natural behavior

  • Farmer owned

Read more about our breeds and methodology

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Natural free ranging and free grazing methods - Happy animals and Healthy milk
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