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Our Poultry

What makes our chicken special ?

Commercially operations today raise thousands of birds that are caged or jammed into small spaces to produce more in a very less time. Without proper exercise these birds have weaker immune system and require constant medication.

We believe in raising poultry the way our ancestors used to raise, providing them with access to outdoors and foraging,

Free ranging gives our birds a higher quality of life and lets them exhibit their natural behavior.  They in turn provide us with healthier eggs,  flavored meat that is very nutritious and low in fat.  Benefits found include less saturated fat and cholesterol, higher levels of protein, Omega-3 and Vitamins. One reason for this can be attributed to the fact that our chicken are getting a diverse diet from foraging and exercise.

What we provide to our flock

  • Access to free forage

  • Clean water and food

  • Shelter and protection from predators

  • Perches to roost at night

  • Nest boxes to lay eggs in private

  • Natural preventative care

Roosting Kadaknath Chicken

Humanely Raised

All our birds are cage free and do not have their beaks trimmed nor their wings clipped. We make sure every bird gets enough space to move around and live a stressless and happy life.

Andhra Fighter Breed Rooster

Breeds we raise

We raise pure desi Kadaknath, Aseel natu kollu and improved breeds in a free range fashion. Our birds have free access to forage and enjoy their time dust bathing, scratching, foraging for food and sun shine.

Indigenous birds are very hardy, disease resistant and thrive even on a very low nutrition profile.

What we sell

  • Kadaknath Eggs 

  • Kadaknath Chicks

  • Aseel / Natu Kodi / Desi Eggs

  • Aseel / Natu Kodi / Desi Chicks

  • Andhra fighter breed Chicks

Natural free ranging and free grazing methods - Happy animals and Healthy milk
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